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What Services We Offer

  • Design and implement a communications process so that your staff can effectively manage information.

  • Take the lead on all marketing activities centered on acquisition, retention, and development.

  • Strengthen your business’s reputation in existing markets while establishing a presence in new ones in order to attract new clients.

  • Manage the integrity of your digital brand, ensuring that the brand is consistently adhered to and providing staff with guidance on how to properly position the business. 

  • Manage and plan all paid advertising campaigns.

  • Manage and post to all social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

  • Oversee website administration and content updates. 

  • Coordinate with staff and outside vendors to ensure the website is up-to-date and remains an effective means of communication for your business.

  • Plan and implement email marketing strategies and tactics to amplify community engagement.

  • Plan and implement strategies and tactics to enhance business development efforts.

  • Write and submit press releases as appropriate to amplify your brand in front of the general public.

  • Provide monthly reporting of engagement and reach of brand.


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Fully managed from $1,500/month


Semi-managed from $500/month


Hourly from $75/hour

Email Marketing

emails that look great and get results

Newsletters • Text Messaging • Automation • Drip Campaigns

Knowing your customers, their buying habits, and preferences, and connecting with them in a real way are all critical to the longevity of a small business. Email marketing remains the number-one way to stay in contact with your customers—and develop new ones.


Collecting information from your customers and prospects is essential to any growth strategy. We use text-to-sign-ups, website forms, event registrations, mobile apps, and social media to help you gather email addresses from your customers. 


We can analyze and segment your customers and prospects by their interests or actions. Did they click on your shopping cart and leave before buying? Or maybe they requested information using your text-to-sign-up at that trade show last month. We use this information to develop emails that resonate and are relevant to your customers.


As with everything else, we make sure your email marketing efforts are not siloed. We integrate into what you are already doing well and make it great. We create data-rich environments where we can hone your message and tactics to get your business results.

A huge burden was lifted off my shoulders so that I could focus on the business I do. McRales is constantly monitoring and measuring the marketing efforts to see what is working and what is not. They are very creative but have kept everything true to my voice and vision.
— Ann Kreucher / MOVE Yoga, Fitness, Dance

Some of Our Work


Digital Advertising

re-targetting • Display • Search • Social Media Marketing • Social Media Optimization


Running advertising through search engines and social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn entails much more than just “boosting” a post. We take the time to understand your business and your ideal customer. We carefully craft the copy used in your ads, graphics, and landing pages. Then we pick the right platforms and seamlessly merge them into your existing marketing engine.


We apply over 20 years of sales and marketing experience to sell your products and services. This means prospecting for new customers, developing cross-sell strategies to sell deeper into you client base, and implementing retargeting tactics to improve your ROI.


Your leads must be tied into your marketing efforts. If no link exists, we’ll help you create the connection and make sure you have the data you need to improve your results. This means everything from developing a pop-up strategy, to an email marketing strategy, to a marketing automation strategy.

I just ran a report that showed we had 157k impressions so far for this month. All the numbers are increasing, and this is virtually hands-free as our staff is so well trained.

The bigger picture is that McRales has created a vision for our company.
— Tom Rasmussen / Motor City Wheelz and Dealz


Some of Our Work


Web Design

websites built to generate sales

Expand your reach

Search Engine Optimized • Mobile Friendly • Marketing Connected

Your website is an extension of your business. Your customers should have the same feeling regardless of whether they’re entering your physical storefront or your virtual storefront. McRales specializes in creating user-friendly websites that reflect your business, are easy to maintain, and are primed to sell. Not only that, but we make sure to integrate your site with the rest of your marketing efforts: landing pages, drip campaigns, pop ups, etc.

Move Sales Forward

You want your website to look good. But it also needs to sell. We put our efforts into making sure your website is an attractive, intelligent face for your business. That when someone finds your site through a search engine like Google or Bing, the right description of business shows up with the right pitch optimized to bring the right customers through your door. 

Get Ready to Grow

Your website is a living document that reflects your brand. And just like your business, it needs to be able to change as you grow. McRales creates your website with the idea that it belongs to you, and that it should be easy for you to modify if and when you want. We’ll make it simple for you to make adjustments to your own site without needing an advanced coding degree. 

Our favorite thing about the site you created for us is the way you really picked up on our vibe and the personality of our Company. The site is clear and concise but best of all, reflects who we are.
— Kori Epps / DKDC/DIY Projects

Some of Our Work


Cloud Point of Sale Systems

Merchant Payment Processing • Point of Sale Machines • EMV / Chip Card Ready


We could get our hands on pretty much any point of sale system on the market. But we prefer not to. Our focus is on cloud-based point of sale systems.

The machines we work with easily integrate with the tools that already help you run and market your business. We partner with the top credit card processors in the country and provide point of sale systems that help businesses integrate their marketing tools with their daily sales process.

Our point of sale systems have direct integrations with popular services that include:

  • Quick Books Online

  • Constant Contact

  • Online Menus

  • Online Stores

  • Salon Booking Software

  • Payroll Services

  • Social media platforms such as Yelp


We make sure your whole marketing engine is connected and communicating so that you can keep your finger on the pulse of your business from any location or any device. 

Spend less time working on your business and start working in your business.

They listen to what you want and ask for, and they guide you to the right decisions. They don’t push you into something you aren’t comfortable with, and they help find ways that work just for you.
— Audrey Farrelly / Serenity Garden Tea House

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