Cloud-Based Point of Sale Systems

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We're Not Just another Sales Company

We partner with the top credit card processors in the country and provide Point of Sale systems with the intent of helping businesses integrate their daily processes with their marketing tools. We are experts in credit card processing systems with 20+ years of experience. We are focused on the big picture and ask "How can we add value to your business?"

It's All About the Cloud

We can get our hands on pretty much any point of sale system that's out there, but we prefer not to. Our focus is on cloud based point of sale systems. And not just any cloud based point of sale systems. The machines we prefer to work with are open and easily integrate in with the tools that help you run and sell for your business.

Our point of sale systems have direct integrations with popular services that include:

  • Quick Books Online
  • Constant Contact
  • Online Menus
  • Online Stores
  • Salon Booking Software
  • Payroll Services
  • Social media platforms such as Yelp

Let's Get You Connected

We make sure your whole marketing engine is connected and talking to each other so that you as the owner can, from any location or device, get the pulse of what's happening in your business. That you spend less time working in your business and begin to work on your business.

They listen to what you want and ask for, and they guide you to the right decisions. They don’t push you into something you aren’t comfortable with, and they help find ways that work just for you.
— Audrey Farrelly / Serenity Garden Tea House

Featured Product: Clover

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