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Knowing your customers, their buying habits, and preferences, and connecting with them in a real way are all critical to the longevity of a small business. Email marketing remains the number-one way to stay in contact with your customers—and develop new ones.


Collecting information from your customers and prospects is essential to any growth strategy. We use text-to-sign-ups, website forms, event registrations, mobile apps, and social media to help you gather email addresses from your customers. 


We can analyze and segment your customers and prospects by their interests or actions. Did they click on your shopping cart and leave before buying? Or maybe they requested information using your text-to-sign-up at that trade show last month. We use this information to develop emails that resonate and are relevant to your customers.


As with everything else, we make sure your email marketing efforts are not siloed. We integrate into what you are already doing well and make it great. We create data-rich environments where we can hone your message and tactics to get your business results.

A huge burden was lifted off my shoulders so that I could focus on the business I do. McRales is constantly monitoring and measuring the marketing efforts to see what is working and what is not. They are very creative but have kept everything true to my voice and vision.
— Ann Kreucher / MOVE Yoga, Fitness, Dance

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